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About Innovative Funding

Your Finances Reimagined


Innovative Funding provides professional bookkeeping services to give our clients the financial freedom to focus on what really matters- building communities through their businesses and nonprofits. 

What We Seek From Our Clients


We seek the brave, the bold, the confident business owner or non-profit looking to take their business and organization to the next level.

We want you to be passionate about your work and driven to grow your business and organization.

We’ll be the partner that helps you get there through organized professional bookkeeping and thoughtfully designed financial systems.

How Community Builds Stronger Business

My business has always taken a community approach to financial management.  No matter how you define community, I believe community is at the core of how we exist. If you look at the natural world or a food system, you see how interconnected an ecological system is and how, when we are good stewards of that community, the system is so much healthier.

I think about my clients financial health in the same way. When you take care of the financial system and are good stewards of your funds, then you strengthen not only your company, but also the community your provide those services too.

About Founder, President & CEO Erin Hoffman

That first push on the pedal and all my stress in life melts away. I find freedom on a bicycle I find nowhere else. At its core, the feeling of moving forward and of leaving all that stress behind allows me to exist in the moment.  That feeling is what I hope to give my clients every time I help them manage their finances, create good financial management systems, and execute flawless professional bookkeeping. I want my clients to leave all of the stress they have about these administrative and financial systems behind, so they can focus on working on providing the best quality service for their customers. 

It is deeply satisfying for me to help my clients thrive through the achievement of their goals.



Master of Nonprofit Management (MNM) from the University of Michigan

Trained to be a non-profit Executive Director with all the requisite business and financial management skills

Extensive experience in nonprofit management – grant management, grant writing, and financial management

5+ years of Relevant Work Experience: Center for Power and Economic Development, Alaska Big Brothers Big Sisters, Alaska Association of Conservation District, Palmer Soil and Water Conservation District

10+ years of private consulting to businesses and organizations in financial systems and grant management

CFR 200: Uniform Guidance Principal. Cost principles

Clients who have seen first hand the impact of improved financial systems and professional bookkeeping services over the past 10 years

Innovative Funding is Quickbooks Certified by the National Association of Certified Public Bookkeepers
 U.S. Small Business Administration’s (SBA) for the Women-Owned Small Business

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Palmer, Alaska
+1 269-267-3034